Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Future Life- Sadhu Sundar Singh

                                                                    The Future Life

Belief in the future life has been among all nations at all times.  Desires imply a possibly fulfillment. 
Thirst implies the existence of water, and hunger of food. The desire to live forever is itself a proof of it's fulfillment.

 Again, we have some higher nobler desires of the Spirit which cannot be fulfilled in this world.  Therefore there must be another spiritual world in which those desires can be met.  This material world cannot by any means satisfy our spiritual cravings.  

 The souls real desire can only be satisfied by God who created the soul and the desire for him inherent in it.  Because God has created man in his own likeness, man has in him something of the divine nature which longs for fellowship with him.  Like seeks like by the laws of being.  And when we are rooted in the Eternal Being, we shall not only feel satisfied, but also have eternal life in him.

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