Monday, June 13, 2016


June 12th 2016

      The Joy in Him connects all things- The extension of his heart strings lead to Us. I saw
everyone had these golden light strings that kept us all wired to Him as we were all enraptured in His Presence in the Heavens. I then understood that everything that connected to Him also came back to the place in Time where the Cross was put on Earth but was Eternally present as well. So all of the light strings were also coming back to that place of complete connectivity at the cross. I saw Jesus back there eternally present there. And I saw the wounds in His hands from the nails.

    Golden light was pouring out of every place he was pierced. The right hand caught my attention and I peered into that piercing like a peep hole into another dimension.  

      As I peered into it I saw the Heavenly City with so much light it was almost hard to look at. It was the brightest and purest gold I have ever seen with a shimmer of iridescence. There were also new colors and it appeared to be constantly shifting into a new visible light spectrum. The rods and cones in my eyes were adjusting to the new heavenly light and atmosphere.  I flew through one of the tops of a building and Jesus was throwing a party and being really silly, and dancing like you wouldn’t expect Jesus to dance. He was almost being goofy and ridiculous!

    Next I am in another corridor of this building I imagine and there are tons of window panes, all which are fracturing light all over the room and a million prismatic streams are jotting through every which way you can imagine. I see someone walking through one of the broader bands of rainbow.  

  I am next experiencing this as a child with other children all splashing around in what seems like a deep aqua green pool that is very lush with so many wild plants and sea life; some of which I have seen on earth and as we play more of them are created. I zoom out and realize we are swimming in the Iris of Jesus.  I recall that the Lamp of the Body is the Eye..  Back in the pool I look down and want to explore what is in the waters. It turns into a high sped water slide and im tunneling through hyperspace as I am able to see through the slide. It doesn’t seem to matter where I am going because it is so enjoyable and I never want it to end..

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