Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mandela effect or not...

    I have been thinking about the 'major points' of this Mandela Effect theory as of late.  One of the most prominent and jagged points is the idea that CERN has been able to alter the very Word of God itself, by time tunneling back through the timeline, "as we know it", to tamper with the written word in the Bible.  Looking at the main evidence of this theory I would say it seems to point to false memories being implanted through culture, more than anything else; that were uniquely placed for a future agenda or just observed to be how most people will remember it.. All the while making CERN look like something to be feared higher than God Himself.  We know that the beginning of Wisdom is the Fear of God, not of man.  This theory seems to place CERN into a position of power above God as the immovable Word.  Remember everything or everyone that can be shaken will be shaken, including those building their houses on sand and not on the Rock, Yeshua.

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