Saturday, March 5, 2016

Your heart is a throne. The Eyes of your heart VS. The third eye opening

  WE are spirit beings, and it is only natural to want to move into the realms of the spirit in order to be awakened to what is fully accessible and available to us.  There is one not so tiny issue. We have bodies and are currently in a 4th dimensional plane of existence with the other planes locked within us.  You could say we are actually ancient doors, stargates etc. depending on what term you are comfortable with using. To get to my point you will have to understand that there are malevolent and benevolent beings in the realms of the spirit.  There are lower dimensional beings and higher dimensional beings; which can actually change the way they are seen by you.  Many people try to access these realms with zero foreknowledge of whom it is that they want to contact or what they even look like if they did.  A being of higher intelligence that is very interested in passing on a message to the traveller in nearly every case. Anyone given information without proper discernment( which by the way is a  spiritual gift from God concerning the intentions or character of said persons or entity for this matter) could easily be convinced of whatever the message was that this entity wanted them to know or think.    To give you a quick backstory: I have personally come in contact with beings who I had not a clue as to who they were or where I was, when practicing a meditation with the intent to enter the spirit realm, otherwise known as "opening my third eye."   I did not have the Holy Spirit at the time, which is ONLY received by the admission of knowledge that Jesus Christ (is the door, is the way, and there is only one Son of God)  actually did come to earth, actually did sacrifice himself for YOU!  “God was in Christ reconciling the world (the kosmos) to Himself” (2Corinthians 5:19); and that “the whole creation waiteth,” “in constant expectation,” “for the manifestation of the sons of God,” and “shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God” (Romans 8:19-21)   So the veil could be torn/lifted and we could enter into the Eternal Kingdom.   Now, whether or not you hold this understanding bears no difference on the truth in what I am about to tell you. The truth is way stranger than anything concocted by the most talented sci-fi writer or storyteller.

 The major difference between opening the third eye and the eyes of your heart is who sits on the throne of your heart.    Now, I can tell you if you have the Holy Spirit, the mind of Jesus has already begun to transform how you literally see everything and all realities woven.   The dragon scales have been dropped (the natural man is not the same as the spirit man, and therefore cannot perceive properly of what true reality is)  and you have been awakened to who you really are.    Not to say enlightenment just happens so quickly for everyone;  for it is a daily walk and relationship with the Lord in constant conversation and communion with His Presence and moving into alignment with His Will, which always has your best interest in mind beyond anything we could do for ourselves!!!         When we do not have this anchor we can be tossed to any lying spirit and tempted to believe whatever agenda they have.   Most people in search of higher knowledge or spiritual truths may have the best intentions and actions. But, unfortunately that does not matter when we are talking about opening up a doorway that was kept locked so we would not encounter these malevolent forces for our own good, that are in my opinion elemental spirits. Or lower dimensional spirits.
   Higher dimensional beings are in line with God's plan and will always be speaking from a place of glorification of Jesus Christ.   The term "May the eyes of your hearts be enlightened".  This to me means your focus, your Love and your aim is set on the Creator of all things and manifesting His vision on the earth as reflected in the heavens.     Not our own way, our own truths, and our own set of self serving agendas to exalt ourselves through the greatest destructive tool known as pride.   Where we feel we can make life whatever we want and attain perfection through some kind of outworking of what we attain through knowledge, rewards, etc.   This is the Tree of Knowledge and opposes the Tree of Life.  The tree of knowledge will lead to death and deception; and the foundational teachings of these fallen entities will only lead you down this path.

     Why would they do this you might ask yourself, what is the purpose?

  They are in fact imprisoned themselves and have a very short time before they meet their end.  It is way too much to get into to adequately present the case for why they would want to mislead you, but let's just say there is a hierarchy in their realm and the fullness of their character is to deceive and lead for a predetermined future outlook they only hope will be fulfilled.
   Personally I want to see what God wants to reveal to me, because He is the lover of my soul! Time and time again I am left breathlessly in wonder of how much I am loved and how much I have been given!!   I want no communion with lower beings or demons masquerading as spirit guides!!  The things I have seen and the visions I have been given have been all to elevate me into a deeper understanding of His heart and revealings of things to come.   I would not trade on a lower platform for anything..    I hope this message finds hearts that are earnestly seeking the Truth and have already discovered the old paradigms just don't hold up anymore, and there must be more. There indeed is SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

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