Sunday, January 17, 2016

Love is the plan

If happiness was easy why do so few find it.

 Externalizing the internal, internalizing the external. Where to look... how to get there.. seems like everyone could tell you something different; but what does their life say.  Is there always a running away for something better something more.  Once I get here, once I get there. Once I....    Maybe, it's more simple than what you do or how you could do it.  Maybe it rests in an accessible place between blinks and the only thing stopping you from this place of rest is how we perceive.  Open your eyes, close them and open again.  What do you see in your perspective.  Do you see a crowded world with strangers and dark voids of chaos.  Or can you see the shimmering light reflecting off of a person's eyes you have never met as they pass by.  Would it be deluded to think we can all find happiness in a similar way that we are all really that similar once you strip off the rough exteriors and rust of times past and see the child again.  Does it really rest on us to learn to see and be again.

   Could there be a process of unlearning to learn what has always been.  The eyes of wonder and a heart of awe. What lies within that people seek but look outwardly in hopes of capturing this comet of unescapable Joy.  How much different would life look if we could see from a place of truth, not learned perspective. Truth is a substance and is living, you cannot measure it or examine it, for it fills all things and takes up all space.  How do we understand what is Truth.  Can we humble ourselves and surrender and say 'we don't know' and 'we cannot do it alone'.  What is waiting for us to get to this access point.  What if the very thing holding us back is our defiance against ourselves by leaning into our own understanding.   How long will people be tantalized by their own constructs of intellectualism.   Few boast about how much they know but how unhappy they still are. Just maybe it's because we never learned to see what has already been given.  This cannot be earned by this or that.  It was always the plan, Love is and always was the plan.

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